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The clue’s in the name.


Here at The Event Department we are the seamless extension to your in-house team. 

We work with your team to develop an understanding of your business, deliverables and customers so that we can organise and execute your events flawlessly.


But you knew that.


 What you didn't know was that Nat Butler founded the company in 2013 after 14 years at Visual Event Management. When that company folded, Nat decided to seize the opportunity to build on the legacy it had created and take film events to a grand new level. 

Her first major event was for Twentieth Century Fox - one of only seven premieres worldwide for X-Men: Days of Future Past. She closed down Melbourne Central and hung a three storey high - thirty metre wide black curtain from the domed roof; installed multi level staging and added an eighteen metre screen that towered above three hundred square metres of red carpet.


Over six thousand fans crowded into the centre to be part of history as Hugh Jackman, Peter Dinklage and Fan Bingbing proudly launched their film to the world. To quote Australian Entertainment Reporter, Angela Bishop "This is just incredible!".

The Event Department had arrived. 

We offer a full range of services including event concept and design, production and execution. Logistics management and executing bold and brave creative ideas are our specialty. 

We are a full service event company with a passionate, professional and authentic team who delivers what we promise.  We will work with you to take your brief and turn it into reality. 

The Event Department is respectful of budget. We only promise what we can deliver. And we always deliver. 

Our attention to detail and our pre-planning focus, results in delivering memorable and engaging event experiences, every time.

We love what we do, and our clients and their guests love the feeling they get when The Event Department delivers.

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